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Size Guide: How Can You Find Your Perfect Ring Fit?

The best way to find your ring size is to measure a ring that you already know fits you.
INVIN sizing is nice and simple - it’s based on the internal diameter of the ring in millimeters. If the internal diameter of your ring is 16.5mm, then your ring size is 50. But what if the internal diameter that you just measured is between sizes? It’s safest to size up. For example, if the ring that you measured has a diameter of 16.7mm, then you should choose size 54, which corresponds 17.0mm ring diameter.



 1  —
Take a ring that fits you comfortably. It should be simple - don’t use an open ring, a wave-shaped ring or a ring with an especially large stone. This will give you the most accurate measurement.
Which ring is most suited to measure your ring size
Take a ruler and measure the internal diameter of the ring. Be very careful to measure only the internal diameter, not the band itself!
How to measure inside diameter of your ring
If the internal diameter is 16.0 …. your INVIN ring size is 50
If the internal diameter is 16.2 …. your INVIN ring size is 52



If you do not have an appropriate ring at hand, there is also another method for determining your size. This is also helpful for rings with large stones, which may fit a little differently.


How to measure your ring size without ring


 1  —

Cut a narrow strip of paper (no wider than 6mm). It should be long enough to wrap around your finger a couple of times.

  2  —

Wrap the paper around your finger. Mark the point where it overlaps.


Check that the paper can still slip over the joints of your finger without any difficulty. If it is too tight, loosen the paper slightly and mark again.

  4  —

Now unwrap the paper and measure the marked length. Compare it to the ‘Circumference’ row in the size chart. This should give you a good idea of what your ring size is.



 1  —

Your ring should fit your finger comfortably. This means that it should not be so loose it falls off. Also, it should not be so tight that it cannot slide over your knuckle.



Measure your fingers at the end of the day. Fingers tend to be a little more swollen in the evenings (or when they are warm), so measuring in the evening will ensure that your ring is not too tight.


Still not confident about the size you have measured for yourself? If you go to a local jeweller’s, they will usually be able to size you far more accurately.



 Engagement and wedding rings are usually worn on the left hand ring finger - that’s the one next to the little finger.



Ring fit can vary according to a number of factors. These include ring type, the presence of stones, and different ways of manufacturing the jewellery.





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