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Silver jewelry designed in Switzerland made in artisan production in Europe

Our Story

Born from thirty years of family tradition and nurtured by a passion for discovery, INVIN represents founder Nataly Taranova's love of travel and jewellery. Her fascination with fashion and hunger for adventure have taken her to some of the most glamorous and most remote destinations in the world. From rooftop bars in New York to a polar bear expedition at the North Pole, from fashion shows in Milan to rafting in New Zealand, Nataly has embraced the excitement and glamour of exploring the world and is determined to share that passion through her jewellery. Each piece in her brand is named after one of the amazing locations that captured her imagination and fired her inspiration.
With INVIN, Nataly combines the best of modern design with a long tradition of high-quality craftsmanship to offer you truly original and inspiring pieces.

INVIN founder Nataly Taranova


Our Philosophy

We have hand-selected our jewellery to add a touch of elegance to every part of your life, ensuring that there is a piece for your every mood. Choose from styles that are as diverse as they are extraordinary, all connected by the exhilarating beauty of our world's most incredible places. Each piece is carefully made by some of the best craftsmen in Europe, ensuring a quality that is equal to our passion and philosophy behind the jewellery.

Whatever the occasion, wherever you are, INVIN has the jewellery to inspire you. Turn every single day into an extraordinary adventure, and every moment into an unforgettable memory with INVIN jewellery. Life is a beautiful adventure.


INVIN jewelry: silver and gold concept online shop


Our Shop

We have created a shopping experience that is as stress-free as possible, so that you can experience INVIN jewellery at its best. With no minimum spend, free shipping on all orders within Switzerland, and a generous voucher exchange policy, the INVIN shop is designed to help you experience a jewellery adventure from the comfort of your own home.


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