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INVIN Founder

INVIN founder

Nataly Taranova, born in Ukraine, is a Swiss citizen who graduated from the University of St. Gallen with a Master in Strategy. After five years of investment banking in Zurich and New York, she independently created a successful digital marketing company. In 2016, she launched a new company, INVIN, which combines her two passions, jewellery and travelling - a unique concept to date.
Jewellery is not a new area for Nataly. Her parents have been in the jewellery business for over thirty years, meaning that she has had an affinity for this beautiful product since her earliest days. She grew up surrounded by fashion and jewellery and was a model for several years.
Nataly has always loved travel - between the ages of 10-13, she traveled alone extensively in former Soviet Union countries to attend classical dance competitions. Later, she traveled for her modeling career as well as in her role as a co-founder of an NGO (promoting cultural exchange between Eastern and Western Europe). Nataly has loved traveling ever since and,  having already visited more than fifty countries, she wanted to spread this love through her brand, INVIN.
INVIN’s brand tagline is "Life is a beautiful adventure", because each of its jewellery pieces is inspired by and named after a place Nataly has traveled to. She participates in the design of the jewellery and tries to inspire people both to visit these beautiful places and to keep jewellery as a memento of their travels. INVIN specializes in unique, high-quality, silver and gold jewellery from artisan small production in Europe, specifically Ukraine, which has a long history of jewellery production.
Nataly’s long-term goal is to create a community of women who love traveling and discoveries, as well appreciating beautiful things. She hopes to offer them new ideas for travel as well as giving them beautiful memories of favorite places. With INVIN, Nataly has created more than just another jewellery brand – she has built a unique story and lifestyle.
With INVIN, women can enjoy life’s beautiful adventure, wherever they are.

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