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Touch of elegance

Black Sea Earrings

SFr. 295.00

Black Sea Ring

SFr. 195.00

Bordeaux Earrings

SFr. 185.00

Bordeaux Ring

SFr. 125.00

Budapest Bracelet

SFr. 290.00

Cambridge Blue Earrings

SFr. 165.00

Cambridge Blue Ring

SFr. 130.00

Cambridge Mystic Earrings

SFr. 165.00

Cambridge Mystic Ring

SFr. 130.00

Hermitage Earrings

SFr. 205.00

Hermitage Ring

SFr. 155.00

Istanbul Earrings

SFr. 240.00

Istanbul Pendant

SFr. 140.00

Istanbul Ring

SFr. 155.00

London Royal Bracelet

SFr. 595.00

Lucerne Earrings

SFr. 205.00

Lucerne Ring

SFr. 135.00

Paris, je t'aime Earrings

SFr. 225.00

Paris, je t'aime Ring

SFr. 125.00

Vancouver Earrings

SFr. 205.00

Vancouver Ring

SFr. 140.00

Versailles Earrings

SFr. 285.00

Versailles Ring

SFr. 175.00

Windsor Earrings

SFr. 270.00

Windsor Ring

SFr. 170.00

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