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St Petersburg — White Nights

Posted on 28 June 2016

St Petersburg Bridges Neva INVIN

At the height of midsummer, something magical happens in the Russian city of St Petersburg. The days stretch out so long that even nights are bright and sunlit: the white nights of St Petersburg. The sun almost never vanishes, casting its beautiful glow over the city known as the Venice of the North for entire days.
Neva Petersburg White Night INVIN
For these incredible weeks, there is perhaps nowhere on earth quite as romantic. Stroll along the canals in the gentle twilight that passes for midnight, or gaze at the incredible bridges opening one by one along the Neva, the river's waves rolling along beneath.
St Petersburg INVIN jewelry Bali
Visit the imposing Hermitage, a baroque palace extravagant enough to rival Versailles at its height, and view the world-class art collection, supposedly the largest in the world.
Hermitage Petersburg INVIN
The long daylight of the white nights provides the perfect setting for the world-famous White Nights festival. Months of ballet, opera and music are intermingled with carnivals and fireworks as the city comes alive and people go outside to enjoy the summer warmth.
Grand Palace St Petersburg INVIN travel
This breath-taking fusion of French-inspired elegance, imperial grandeur and endless summer sunshine makes St Petersburg a place truly like no other. It is no wonder that the city has inspired work of great beauty, most famously the Faberge jewellery house, whose legacy still survives today. Countless other artists, poets, jewelers, musicians and dancers have been deeply affected by the wonders of St Petersburg. It is hardly surprising that St Petersburg also inspires incredible fashion and jewellery. The city is full of exciting new designers and luxury brands, mixed in with vintage fashion and a powerful sense of cultural heritage. INVIN’s jewellery suggestions are elegant, romantic and dramatic, just like St Petersburg itself.
INVIN jewelry Stockholm Petersburg

Matching Jewellery



Inspired by the opening bridges and gentle waves of the Neva river, this set draws on the very heart of St Petersburg. Picture yourself relaxing by the river as the last of the evening sun illuminates the city’s incredible baroque architecture.
Rhodium-plated silver and rose gold 9k 


Sapphires, pearls and incredible details - can any other jewellery capture the spirit of St Petersburg so perfectly? This set is designed for anyone who has fallen in love with the romantic spirit of St Petersburg, the Venice of the North.
Sapphire and freshwater pearl


Inspired by another Northern city, this set is sleek, dramatic, and perfect for bright summer nights, whether in Scandinavia or in Russia. Its striking glamour is sure to make a style statement at St Petersburg’s most exclusive events.
Silver and rose gold 9kt

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